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Artisan Workshops


Broken Plate Mosaic Workshop

In this fun introductory workshop you will learn the basics of broken plate mosaic using a variety of materials, tile, plates, china, glass, mirror, stones and found objects. We will also discuss the use of adhesives, grout process and design composition. You will create a completed masterpiece that can be used in your home or garden, you may select a mirror or artful wall plaque, garden pot or stepping stone as your project. No prior experience is necessary, so just bring your creative spirit and openness to numerous possibilities. Complete materials list will be provided upon registration. Most materials will be provided, feel free to bring any of your own materials, tools and found objects. Dress in layers and bring lunch, hat and your imagination.

Workshop facilitated by Shellie Lee - Contact Phone (406) 465-5465 or Sunshine Health Mine Artisan Studio and Gift Gallery -130 Galena Gulch Road Boulder, MT 59632 


SoulCollage® Workshop for Self Discovery

This is an introductory workshop for people who want to begin to make SoulCollage® cards and learn ways to use the collage cards for their own self-discovery. These introductory workshops are small and leisurely with lots of time for making cards, doing readings and learning about the process, anyone who is attracted to images and to the fun of learning about her or himself. It is totally unnecessary to have artistic experience. With SoulsCollage®, everyone is an artist.

SoulCollage® is a process created by Seena Frost in which you contact your intuition and create an incredible deck of cards which have deep personal meaning and which will help you with life’s questions.

Following the simple SoulCollage® directions, your hands move fragments of cut-out magazine pictures around, fitting them together in a surprising new way and gluing them down on a card. Cards containing the images you select-or the images that you select-come straight through your Soul, bypassing the mind. This is a multi-leveled, creative process which anyone can do. All you need is a good pair of scissors, pre-cut mat board cards, images you can cut out from magazines, greeting cards, FORMAT personal photos, postcards, catalogues and calendars. It is wonderful to have other people with whom to share the process. The cards are fun to take to friend’s homes for readings, to work with in therapy or support groups, or to keep on your coffee table. Materials will be provided, feel free to bring your own special scissors and images that may have cut out. Dress in layers and bring lunch, hat and your creative Soul.

Workshop facilitated by Shellie Lee – Contact phone (406) 465-5465 or Sunshine Health Mine Artisan Studio and Gift Gallery-130 Galena Gulch Road Boulder, MT 59632



Torn Paper Floor and Décor Collage Workshop

Workshop facilitated by Shellie Lee

Contact phone (406) 465-5465 or

Sunshine Health Mine Artisan Studio and Gift Gallery
130 Galena Gulch PO Box E
Boulder MT 59632


Old Souls – Spirit Dolls Workshop

At this creative outdoor workshop you will create your own Old Soul, one that speaks only to you…in this doll you create an image that reflects your inner old soul. We will spend time gathering and in walking meditation on the beautiful Sunshine Health Mine Property.

Old Souls are uniquely handcrafted one-of-a-kind spirit dolls made from gathered objects, natural materials and recycled textiles. Old Souls have 5” x 7” bodies filled with one of the following natural materials: lavender, coffee bean parchment, cocoa bean hulls or sand. Old Souls contain a variety of nuts, seeds, pods, flowers, sticks, bark, moss, shells, kelp, feathers, fur and found objects of nature. The hair and beards are made from natural grasses, feathers, natural dyed wools and horse hair.

Old Souls can be displayed individually on stands or used as ornaments, wreath elements or alter pieces. Old Souls are intended for adults and decorative display only. This workshop requires no previous art experience…just bring your creative spirit and openness to create numerous possibilities. Materials will be provided or feel free to bring an old favorite textile or sentimental fabric and natural objects that you have gathered. Dress in Layers and bring lunch, hat and your imagination. For more inspiration view my website

Workshop facilitated by Shellie Lee – Contact Phone (406) 465-5465 or


Soap Workshop

Learn how to make natural soap for your family and friends with soap maker Susie Hartman.  Soap making is a lot of fun and natural soap makes great gifts.  This workshop will focus on the basics of natural cold process soap making.  Working in groups, participants will create a vegetable oil soap with customized scents and colors that they will be able to take home with them at the end of class.

The workshop will cover:

Basic Soap Chemistry
Lye Safety
Tools of the trade
Natural colorants and scents

Workshop facilitated by Susie Hartman - Contact Phone 406-439-2479.  Susie loves sharing this craft with others.  She specializes in tallow soaps and has taught a primitive soap making class using only sheep tallow and wood ash.  Living on a high altitude, off-grid homestead, Susie spends time with her family, raising small livestock and practicing permaculture techniques. She is passionate about developing local food systems within her community and is currently working to develop a forest garden on a city park within the community of Boulder, Montana.

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