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Our History

Sunshine mine is no less than a natural and national treasure yielding gold & uranium to early 20th century miners and doing so until the early 1950’s. In a letter requesting non-profit foundation status in or around 1952 the following reason was found in an old document:

“In hope that we will be able to render even a greater service to those whose suffering has prompted them to visit “Sunshine Uranium Deposits” and to the new friends whom we invite to become acquainted with the very beneficial benefits others have found so helpful”.

The letter goes on to explain the hopes that doctors and scientists will embrace this new therapy and a mention that to date several doctors did bring patients and saw positive results. It appears from old records that the first visitors to Jefferson Foundation Sunshine Mine came in August 1952…..The rest is history and We would like to note here that the medical and scientific community was not that forthcoming with positive input as to radon mine therapy. However, a review of the hundreds of testimonials on file does somehow diminish that fact.

Many owners have enhanced the property through the years. The current owners, Shellie & Colin Lee are adding their labor and skills to the property. They purchased Sunshine Mine in 2005 and are devoted to the original reason for creating this space for healing in beautiful Southwest Montana.
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