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“I have been coming to the mine for 15 years and as I tell everyone, I would not come if it did not work to ease my arthritic pain because it is a lot of driving and costly. Not as costly as drugs though. It especially helps me get through the cold winter months. A good positive outlook on life and service to others helps my health also.”

George Schellenberg
Abbottsford BC Canada
(604) 859-9272

“Seventeen years coming to the mine. One year I had to use a cane, and after 3 days my cane stays in the truck, for an emergency. I’ve been in 3 terrible car wrecks, and the mine keeps my body pain free most of the time. A great testimonial we have heard is from a motel owner in Boulder. He said “ his biggest problem is shipping home wheel chairs that people used when they got here.”

Ann Martin
Warsaw, Missouri

I have been coming to the mines 32 times since 1975. Sometimes twice in one year. In 1975 I had a very severe lower back problem and spent all summer and fall going to the doctor and taking medication and treatment 5 days a week. Hot packs, cold packs, ultra sound, hanging by my head, hanging by my feet, and got NO results. I was told I had degenerative discs. Came to the mines in November and could only stay for 25 visits. Came back in September 1976 for two weeks. 1-2 weeks later my pain was completely gone, never to return. I keep coming back for minor aches and pains, also to relax and enjoy the beautiful country.

Otto Seidlitz
Regina Sask Canada

“I have come to Sunshine Mine since the late 1970’s. Presently I am bothered by arthritis. Sunshine Mine has helped me to be an overcomer! Even the spurs in my heels and the sides of my feet have cleared up. This is a wonderful place…a home away from home.”

Alice Alexandra Paras
Edmonton, Canada
(780) 424-3562 (daughter Elaine)

“I have been coming to Sunshine Mine since October 1980. I was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. I was 32 years old with two young children, and had closed my dance school of 150 students. The first visit here-although I was not expecting help-convinced me that I needed to return again 6 months later, and again in yet another 6 months. Those 3 mine experiences of 30-32 visits each, allowed me to reopen the dance studio. Now my visits are yearly just keep the arthritis in check. I have completely stopped all medication. Thanks be to God for this natural healing. My body went from being totally filled with pain to the point that I couldn’t walk or use my hands, to tap dancing almost entirely pain free!”

Judy Gregoire
Welches, Oregon

When we came to the mine, I just went in to keep my husband company. On the sixth day I noticed that I didn’t have any pain in my leg. I injured by sciatica nerve nineteen years ago and have had continuous pain and numbness since then. However, I have been pain free in that area and even sit in the car for long periods of time. I am so thankful for our experience here.

Marilyn Dyck
Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

“My Emphyzema has practically disappeared just going into the Sunshine Mine the first 3 days, plus my arthritis pain has subsided to the point where I stay off the pain pills”

Michael Norman
Receda, California

“When I first came to Sunshine Health Mine in 2006, I was taking pain medication to get through the day. After 5 days here I wasn’t taking any pain pills and was walking somewhat better. After returning home I continued to improve and only took a few regular aspirin. The pain & stiffness eventually came back but never as severe and I do not take anything other than a few aspirin. I have returned again for the wonderful benefits of the health mine, for the peaceful relaxation of the beautiful Galena Gulch and the many wonderful, friendly interesting friends we meet. The Sunshine Health Mine family are wonderful people. We are truly blessed to have found our way here.”

Carl & Sue Seefeldt
Coloma, WI

My name is Alex. This is my fourth visit to Sunshine Mine. I survived a heart attack April, 2004. I have nine stems in my artery. Pain in my left knee and chest pain at night, I have to sit up 4 or 5 times a night. I usually can only walk about 50 paces. I wear a nitro patch 16 hours a day. This is my 6th day at the mine and I can walk from cabin #2 clear through the mine tunnel without stopping or breathing hard. I sleep all night without waking. I am very, very happy today. This place is very quiet and peaceful and very clean, that is why I come back. I will be 71 years old on Christmas Eve. I thank the almighty God he even left us a place like Sunshine to heal our aching body. God Bless You All.

Alex Crowchild
S.W. Calgary, AB, Canada

Visiting since 1991. Sharp, steady pain, nothing helped. Second day in mine, no pain since 1991. Four months after the wife notice her sinus didn’t bother her all 1991 winter. Still OK! Great! Privileged to have our testimonials on the website

Norman Mattice
Penticton, BC, Canada

I first came in 1967 suffering from rheumatoid arthritis so severley that I was nearly in a wheelchair. I completed the recommended 32 hours of mine treatment and left in a very much improved condition. So much so, that I was able to resume full involvement in raising 5 children, work a farm, gardening, etc. 42 years later at the age of 73, I am back and after deteriorating health. After starting mine treatments, I was able to walk without a cane and stop taking pain killers. The swelling in my body, especially my legs, went down substantially. The radon mine treatments have been my healing miracle. I am so grateful.

Betty Halabisky
Eckelbert, Manitoba, Canada
204 655 3217


When I was about 55 years old I got arthritis in my hands. It was very bad in the winter time in Alberta, Canada. I would wake at 3-4am, the pain was very bad. I don’t believe in drugs. They mask only.

In the fall of 1992 I came to Boulder, MT to stay 10 days at the Sunshine Health Mine. I did 33 treatments with pain at the beginning but then great healing for the next 6 months. My arthritis was in remission during the winter.

I drink the water while here and take some home. I felt 10 years younger, thanks to the radon mine for the natural relief of pain with radon therapy. I come every year for a treatment and I breathe easier.

Willie Wasylechko
Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada
(780) 656-2353
May 12, 2011


Approximately 20 years ago my husband went to Boulder, Montana to get radon therapy in the Sunshine Mine for his arthritis. My back was bad so I tagged along to keep him company in the mine. Good thing I did! It healed my back, lowered my blood pressure, and cleared my sinus. I try to come back at least once a year. It is great to get healing and rejuvenation at the Sunshine Mine and the hospitality is fantastic. I don’t feel 69 years old…more like 59! And I do it all naturally, free from chemical drugs.

Elizabeth Wasylechko
Smoky Lake, Alberta, Canada
(780) 656-2353
May 12, 2011

I suffer with headaches caused by health issues. After 3 treatments in the mine, my headaches are gone. My rash of Lupus has lessened. It is the cleanest place and well organized. I will come again next year. I also encourage all to give it a try.

Rose Watson

Mom TRULY got relief from the mine (She has 3 kinds of arthritis; it also helped my sinuses!) and even had some bone spurs melt away.  I was so sorry in the past few years that I couldn't pack her up and go to the Sunshine Health Mine.  I note that their prices have increased but that is true for everything.  I would recommend the 32 treatment regime (it can easily be done within ten days).  There are heaters, blankets, puzzles, books in the mine and of course great walking opportunities.  The accommodations are basic and comfortable.

Elaine Paras

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