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SUNSHINE PROPERTY~~”all creatures great and small”


“Approximately 20 years ago my husband went to Boulder, Montana to get radon therapy in the Sunshine Mine for his arthritis.  My back was bad so I tagged along to keep him company in the mine.  Good thing I did!  It healed my back, lowered my blood pressure, and cleared my sinus.  I try to come back at least once a year.  It is great to get healing and rejuvenation at the Sunshine Mine and the hospitality is fantastic.  I don’t feel 69 years old…more like 59!  And I do it all naturally, free from chemical drugs”.

Elizabeth Wasylechko

 Eckelbert, Manitoba, Canada


“I first came in 1967 suffering from rheumatoid arthritis so severely that I was nearly in a wheelchair.  I completed the recommended 32 hours of mine treatment and left in a very much improved condition.  So much so, that I was able to resume full involvement in raising 5 children, work a farm, gardening, etc.    42 years later at the age of 73, I am back and after deteriorating health.  After starting mine treatments, I was able to walk without a cane and stop taking pain killers.  The swelling in my body, especially my legs, went down substantially.  The radon mine treatments have been my healing miracle.”

Betty Halabisky