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Getting My Ducks All in a Row

Everyday  I see more and more of the wildlife appear.  This surely signals that snow flurries are on the way out of our weather picture.  I love seeing the ducks return to the pond for their annual visit.   The squirrels were busy at the bird feeders today again.   Our guests often get up close and chummy with the chipmunks that live in the boulders above mine entrance.  I wish I had captured the moose, mountain lion, white ferret, bobcat & bear that have all come on Sunshine Property at one time or another.    I showed The upper meadow area to a Longhorn cattle breeder today.  It may be that we will host the “Moms  and their babies” here at Sunshine Property until fall.   This could be a good thing, weighing the pros and cons. Continue reading “Getting My Ducks All in a Row”