Alex Crowchild

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

     HEART DISEASE.       

“My name is Alex.  This is my fourth visit to Sunshine Mine.  I survived a heart attack April, 2004.  I have nine stems in my artery.  Pain in my left knee and chest pain at night, I have to sit up 4 or 5 times a night. I usually can only walk about 50 paces.  I wear a nitro patch 16 hours a day.  This is my 6th day at the mine and I can walk from cabin #2  clear through the mine tunnel without stopping or breathing hard.   I sleep all night without waking.   I am very, very happy today.  This place is very quiet and peaceful and very clean, that is why I come back.  I will be 71 years old on Christmas Eve.  I thank the almighty God he even left us a place like Sunshine to heal our aching body.  God  Bless You “.