Judy Gregoire

Welches, Oregon

     RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS              

“I have been coming to Sunshine Mine since October 1980.  I was crippled by rheumatoid arthritis. I was 32 years old with two young children, and had closed my dance school of 150 students.  The first visit here-although I was not expecting help-convinced me that I needed to return again 6 months later, and again in yet another 6 months.  Those 3 mine experiences of 30-32 visits each, allowed me to reopen the dance studio.  Now my  visits are yearly just to keep the arthritis in check.  I have completely stopped all medication.  Thanks be to God for this natural healing.  My body went from being totally filled with pain to the point that I couldn’t walk or use my hands, to tap dancing almost entirely pain free!”