Why Radon?


The earth and everything in it, including the human body, is radioactive.  Radon gas comes from the spontaneous radioactive decay of uranium which produces radium, which produces radon gas.  Radon occurs naturally and is found in almost all types of rock and soils, thus finding its way into building materials and the home basement.  Uranium ores are commonly found in the granite soils of the Boulder Batholith. When inhaled, radon is released into the blood stream and circulates throughout the body.  The body responds with reactions to the hormonal and nervous systems.  Being of an inert gas nature, radon does not enter into any chemical bond in the body.  It is easily absorbed through the lungs, and then expelled again through the lungs.  The best and most therapeutic way to bring radon into the body is through inhalation.  Sunshine Mine uses the inhalation method of radon therapy.  We recommend 32 hours of radon exposure over a 10 day period and up to 60 hours annually.  Pregnant women and minor children, with physician approval, may benefit. Radon has an activating effect on the endocrine system (the glands – thyroid, adrenal and pituitary – that secrete hormones directly into the blood.)  The kidneys react to the stimulation and respond with increased urination.  Drinking water is vital and flushes the body of toxins.  With regard to the heart, there is an economizing of the heart’s activity and an increase in coronary circulation.  SHM is tested regularly for radon gas emissions and meets the European standard for effective treatment.  Scientific studies relating to the healthful benefits of radon therapy can be found on our website and by no means limited to the following:  

Arthritis OA,RA,JRA      Ankylosing Spondylitis    Bursitis & Gout

Emphysema                    Bronchitis & Asthma         Multiple Sclerosis

Prostate (BPH)​Psorasis & Eczema            Migraine

Fibromyalgia​Crohn’s​                           Chronic Pain

Scleroderma​Ulcerative Colitis​     Lupus​